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Independent Republic of Manchester

Is Manchester behind the curve?

Entrepreneur Pavel Bains argues in a recent article that the time is ripe for cities to create their own digital currencies by observing that national currencies do not work for the for all of a country’s urban areas.

Why Cities Will Soon Choose Digital Currency Over Fiat Money

The benefits of a local currency are well understood and their viability is proven by the success even before the cryptocurrency revolution by the likes of the Bristol pound and the Brixton pound. Internationally city states such as Hong Kong and Singapore can respond rapidly to changing economic conditions and can plan and implement policies accordingly.

In the UK as already stated there is the success of the Bristol pound and the Brixton pound established years before digital currency was a practical solution. Recently the Liverpool pound has been successfully launched and is likely to be followed by the cities of Glasgow and Birmingham.

Love local 

The list of cities and towns in the UK experimenting with local currencies is growing rapidly and can be viewed as a reaction to the failing economic policies of central government and growing inequalities within regions. Coupled to this is the rise in secure digital currency systems such as Bitcoin and the UK’s 80% penetration of smart phones as a means of payment indicates that this is not a fashionable trend but long term change in how ‘money’ is utilised within society.

The question is….why is Manchester missing from the list below

Liverpool                         @LiverpoolPound

Glasgow                          @glasgowpound

Hull                                    @HullCoin

Sheffield                         @SheffieldPound

Birmingham                 @brumpound

Bristol                             @BristolPound


Resources : Guild of Independent Currencies

MancCoin – A new cryptocurrency for Manchester

MancCoin – A new cryptocurrency for Manchester


  • To launch a new cryptocurrency for Manchester based on Bitcoin

  • To support & promote the use of Bitcoin in the Manchester area

  • Provide information on other Alternative cryptocurrencies

Be a part of the revolution

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Why create MancCoin?

MancCoin has similar ideals to other local currencies like the Bristol pound and the Brixton pound.

bristol-300 brixton-300

To promote Manchester as a brand and to provide discounts for local people and businesses that help to keep local resources & wealth creation within the city. In this way less wealth is extracted by big business and banks


MancCoin can be created directly on the Bitcoin blockchain by creating a colored coin. By using colored coins MancCoin can avoid all the pitfalls of developing and maintaining its own Alt coin. The risk of MancCoin failing is greatly reduced as it can be tied directly to the most successful cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Additionally MancCoin would not have the high maintenance and security costs associated with local paper money.


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