Bitcoin seems to follow me where ever I go.

Bitcoin, El Salvador, the British Museum and NFTs

A weekend away to London began innocently enough from Lime st station in Liverpool down to Euston and then tube to Baker st. Along the way to my weekend apartment at Gloucester Place I purposely missed out the Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Bakers st and came across the Salvadoran Embassy on Dorset Square.

I was tempted to ring the bell and enquire about residency

Max Keiser provides the latest information about El Savador and Bitcoin

Later in the day I explored Room 68 of the British Museum; the history of money around the world traced back through 4000 years. Disappointing Schoolboy stuff that just about mentions Bitcoin.

Tokens with Bitcoin codes USA, 2011

The usual guff : “Bitcoin is an online electronic cash system that has no central issuer or owner. These tokens are not themselves currency but, once the hologram is removed each one includes a code for a digital Bitcoin. The Bitcoin system has been criticised by some people for facilitating money laundering, since payment transfers can be conducted anonymously.”

But someone is dragging the British Museum kicking and screaming into the 21st century.